What is Lubricating Oil


Lubricating oil is for reducing friction, heat, and wear between mechanical components in contact with one another. These lubricating oils are also known as lube. Lubricating oil employed in motorized vehicles are specifically known as motor oil or transmission fluid.

Fuel Oil

In addition to fuel oil, lubricating oil also needs to have water and other impurities removed from it on a regular basis. The lubes of diesel engines get contaminated consistently. All rotating and sliding parts deposit the impurities.

Solid contaminants or impurities in the fuel are refinery catalysts, rust, and dust, while the liquid impurity is primarily water. The residue of the combustion process and condensed water decomposition products are added factors leading to the impurity of lube oils.

Lube oil

The lubricating oils themselves may contain some acid, which by catalyzing with other foreign substance. It can result in premature aging of the oil. These impurities cause significant wear of engine components and ultimately lower engine performance, occasionally leading to engine failure.

It is highly important to remove and treat the lube oil, so as to prolong its life and reduce the wear of engine components.

Lube oil is treated and conditioned by the usage of a system of filters. And it is a separator to meet cleanliness, pressure, temperature, viscosity, and flow rate specified by engine manufacturers.

The lubricating oil treatment system generally consists of centrifuges, lube oil outlet pressure control manifold. It also contains heaters for conditioning of the lube oil, feed pumps for the lube oil, and filters.

Application of lubricating oil

The key application of lubricating oil treatment system is in the maritime industry, automobile industry, and power generation industry. Other industries are also using the engine oil frequently. In the maritime industry, lubricants play an important role, and they must be observed continuously for their properties.

Lubricants Oil Market

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