Water Saving Tech Getting Acceptance


Bangladesh is one of the highest water consuming countries for its textile industry and the washing and dyeing fabrics are high water consumer. A few textile industries have started adopting water saving technologies already as to reduce water consumption.

The global best water using practice for washing and dying is 70 litres while in our country garment factories use more than 250 litres of water for washing and dyeing one kilogram of fabrics.

According to a report entitled ‘Bangladesh-The Netherlands: 50 years of water cooperation’ has found Bangladesh’s textile mills consume 1,500 billion litres of groundwater a year for washing and dyeing fabrics.

In collaboration with the Bangladesh government, this report has recently published prepared by Partners for Water Programme of the Netherlands.

The surface water also been contaminated for inefficient use of water. The report has also described that how international fashion brands are increasingly going for social responsibility towards supporting of their supply chain to achieve a cleaner textile production process.

The International Finance Corporation, an associate to World Bank Group is providing water saving technologies to Bangladeshi garment factories now under its Partnership for Cleaner Textile (PaCT) programme.

Beside the new technologies transformation, IFC also gives suggestions to use industry-friendly machinery and change their water use habits.

Along with International Finance Corporation, Bangladesh PaCT is working with textile wet processing factories in adopting cleaner production. This body has already provided advisory services to around 200 textile factories on resource efficiency measures.

The PaCT programme was initiated in 2014 with 95 textile factories; the number rose to 192 in 2016.

The partnership is formed on accounts of the both brands and factory contributions. Once the PaCT partner brands are nominated their supply chain members, factories have to pay a participation fee of $2,000-$6,000 as per the production capacity of the plant.

Among others, Fakir Apparels has adopted water saving technologies and reduced water consumption by about 70%. Previously this company has to use 24.96 crore litres of water for washing and dyeing 1,200 tonnes of fabrics in a month, but the amount of water has now declined to 6.96 crore litres.

Mondol Fabrics has also completed the halfway adopting water saving technologies by completing the first phase. After the implementation of the first phase, they have already able to save 27 percent of water in washing and dyeing fabrics.

Instead of the regular 120 litres of water for washing a kilogram of fabrics, the quantity has declined between 80 litres and 85 litres now. The company washes and dyes 500 tonnes of fabrics a month.

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