Veedol™ Tractor Oils in Bangladesh

Veedol™ has launched its new TVC on its Tractor oils which talked about the adaptation of the product to suit the tractors of today’s times. For a long time, Veedol™ is a rural brand focused on the Southern market of India.

A recent campaign has launched in Indian market aims to expand to other markets soon.

In this competitive era, it is important for brands to make product improvement a continuous practice to stay ahead in the race. Over time, this practice almost becomes a tradition that is handed down from one generation to another.

Veedol™ Tractor Oils has adapted to this trend and catering to the needs of modern-day tractors, which has been following this practice for decades.

The story behind this evolution through this campaign says the tradition of staying modern. The objective is to reinforce brand’s unique position in the tractor lube market – a heritage brand that has continually kept in step with changing technologies.

‘Veedol™ has been a pioneering brand in tractor oils and grease, with a strong market presence over decades. It continues to have excellent equity in traditional tractor markets in India.’ said J Ramesh, executive director of Tide Water Oil Co (India).

The campaign’s tagline throws a message ‘Tradition of staying Modern’ also captured the essence by endearing slices of life from the Indian heartland.

Bangladeshi Market is unparalleled to the Indian market, though agricultural heritage and culture of this region are quite similar to receive such significant message from that campaign.

Its story also reinforced the Veedol™ promise of trust among all consumers of tractor oil in the agricultural economy of Bangladesh, based on the brand’s impeccable credentials.

A range of specially-formulated Veedol™ engine oils for tractors has always kept pace with modern tractor engines. Bangladesh is poised to become a growing tractor markets worldwide and the improvement in the rural economy.

Still, it is a challenge for Veedol™ to leverage its heritage in the tractor oil segment in Bangladesh market on the one hand while highlighting its modernity on the other.

In Bangladesh, Veedol™ HDC 40, Veedol™ HDC 50, Veedol™ HDC 50 Plus, Veedol™ Max-Pro 15W 40 are the popular tractor oils in rural areas of Bangladesh.

A different pack size ranges from 1Litre can to 205 Litre barrel is available in Bangladesh.

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