Veedol Sponsored Bangladesh Automobile Workshop Owner’s Association organized Annual Picnic


Veedol Lubricants on 26 January 2018 has participated as a proud sponsor of the annual picnic arranged by Bangladesh Automobile Workshop Owner’s Association. The picnic was organized by the Committee of J-Block based Vatara Union and the picnic spot was at Shororitu Village of Gazipur.

The Veedol Team has taken this get-together program as a promotional ground to popular the Veedol Brand in Bangladesh.

Around four hundred members of the Baridhara based automobile market and members of the central committee has participated in this program.

Engine Oil Bangladesh
Veedol Team with of the central committee of Bangladesh Automobile Workshop Owner’s Association

In this daylong program, Veedol team has shared their product quality and its extensive product line up with the union members and automobile mechanics.

The J-block pf the Baridhara area is the biggest hub for the auto mechanics.

Veedol Lubricants is in Bangladesh market for last four years. But it has worked for small segments of the market.

Now it aims to outspread its product lineup especially with passenger car motor oil and exclusive motorcycle oil. Most of the variants of this lineup has emphasized on the imported packs to meet the market demand.

Veedol Turbostar 20W 50 and Veedol Syntron 5W 40 are going to be added to the passenger car motor oil segment.

Last three years, Oriental Oil Company Limited has been doing market the Veedol Lubricants in Bangladesh.

Market Activities

In Bangladesh, Veedol has found more conservative rather than other marketers. However, It has emphasized on sales-driven market policies.

It has found limited promotional campaigns in the market, which is insignificant in number comparing to the other brands.

Globally, Veedol brand has a long history of use in several of the world’s important lubricant markets.

So it can be said that Veedol is now aiming to remain as ‘the professional’s choice’ and continue to grow as a leader in the lubricants market.

Millions of motorists around the world have at one time or another used Veedol Lubricants for their cars, minivans, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles, commercial and recreational vehicles.

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