A Journey Towards Innovation Started-off

In association with SREDA, ExpoNet Exhibition has organized the Pre- Summit Dialogue of Bangladesh Industrial Innovation and Development- 2017 on 28 November 2017.

Alhaz Amir Hossain Amu, MP, Honorable Minister for the Industry has inaugurated the Pre-Summit Dialogue.

He has encouraged the BIID 2017 to be held to impart Green Concepts and also hoped that this platform would play a leading role in developing Green Industrialization.

Honorable Minister also said that Global leaders are looking for opportunities to invest in Bangladesh and this Pre-summit would be a good panel discussion for the overseas companies to explore Bangladesh market.

Guest Opinion

Md. Anwarul Islam Sikder, NDC, Chairman of SREDA said that Industrial  Entrepreneurs are revising their thought about green concepts now and BIID is that a common roof with their green technologies and Innovations.

He also specified that there is a necessity of green understanding for the large population of Bangladesh to implement
the planning.

Rashedul Haque, Managing Director of ExpoNet Exhibition has described the significance of this platform while working on Innovation in Bangladesh.

Their goal is to promote green trade and innovative ideas. According to their core values, ‘Innovation’ means using any technology in a sustainable manner, and ‘Development’ is ‘Advancement in Business Transformation.’

Mr. Juzer S Kothari, Managing Director of Conserve India said, ‘In Bangladesh, the business growth couldn’t meet the global standard because of lack of proper green knowledge,”‘

The participants have congratulated ExpoNet Exhibition for this unique attempt in this green movement.

They hoped that this dialogue will drive the technology for power generation and distribution, electrical technology, energy infrastructure, solar energy, equipment, lighting, and services.

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