Total Lubricant’s Special 4T Engine Oil in Bangladesh

(Last Updated On: 06/05/2017)


In late 2016, Total Lubricants launched ‘Total HI-PERF 4T Special’ motorcycle engine oil with Super Strong Film (SSF) Technology to meet the growing demands of 4T oil in Bangladesh.

It ran continues launching campaigns especially at the fuel filling stations throughout the nations.

This special engine oil is now available in the filling stations throughout the nations.

Before establishing the Dhaka market, TOTAL launched the special motorcycle engine oil in Chittagong and Sylhet, Rajshahi, Rangpur market earlier and gain huge popularity among the users.

‘Total HI-PERF 4T Special’ motorcycle engine oil provides more protection from friction and wear.

It is recommended for use in all 4-stroke 2-wheelers with manual gear operation.

The special oil gives users up to 10 times better protection and up to 65% better cleanliness and performance than other brands of lubricants under extreme pressure condition.

For super strong film (SSF) technology molecules of oil shows a spring-like Structure.

In extreme conditions, normal oil films tend to break, but the spring-like molecules of SSF Technology compress themselves to absorb all the pressure and prevent the oil film from breaking.

‘Total HI-PERF 4T Special’ Engine oil is 100% imported from Singapore and recommended for all types of 4-stroke engine motorcycles with manual gear operation.

It’s a 4-stroke motorcycle engine oil developed to give superior protection and performance even under extreme conditions.

It is formulated with Super Strong Film which does not break easily thereby providing superior protection even in these tough city driving conditions.

And this leads to a distinctly superior performance, which one can feel from the first use itself!

‘Total HI-PERF 4T Special’ is a lubricant that is particularly recommended for all types of 4-stroke engine motorcycles, with manual gear operation.

The product is in compliance with the API SL and JASO MA2 international standards.

It is perfectly compatible with catalytic converters.

The oil-change intervals recommended by the constructors and the minimum required viscosities must be complied with.

This lubricant is compatible with lead-free fuels.

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