Shell Lubricants On Campus


In March 2017, Shell Lubricants Bangladesh has started initiating university affiliation program to make the young generation with a global brand in making machines smoother, cleaner and noise-free.

Shell Lubricants Bangladesh, under a new initiative, has offered affiliations with 8 esteemed universities of Bangladesh.

The program consisted of a day long on-campus event to spread awareness on why leading automotive manufacturers such as Ferrari and Ducati recommend Shell engine oils.

They also focused on a new internship program for the fresh graduates in their organization, which is expected to start from July 2017.

They had also organized selfie contest; the taken selfies on their quad bike top selfie with highest likes from universities had been awarded jaw dropping gifts.

The participants had to like the Shell Bangladesh Facebook page, in next the best selfies had to send via message to add them to the selfie contest album,

The participants had to share this status with their friends and family also.

The selfie contest winners from various universities received their gifts from Shell corporate office.

In the day long on-campus event, Shell Advance motorcycle engine oils had been sold at a discounted rate, and one lucky buyer won a cellular phone in a raffle draw program.

This affiliation program is still ongoing.

In the past two years, Shell Bangladesh has achieved phenomenal growth as it is one of the major suppliers of engine oils to the ever growing power industry, just reached the milestone of 10,000 megawatts.

According to new studies, by 2020 the sum of automobiles in Bangladesh will double and as another 1,000 megawatts has been declared by the government.

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