Servo Lubricants In Bangladesh


Runner Group, a local automobile giant, has inked an agreement with Indian Oil Corporation Limited to market Indian Oil’s brand Servo lubricants in Bangladesh through its subsidiary Runner Lube and Energy Limited.

High officials of the Indian company and Runner Group announced the partnership at a press conference at the Sonargaon Hotel in Dhaka on 26th September 2017. Runner’s subsidiary Runner Lube and Energy Ltd will market the product.

Officials said Servo, a lubricant brand of Indian Oil Corporation, will be available in Bangladesh from now, Runner Group said.

“The partnership will be recognized as a milestone in order to deliver world-class lubricant to the country’s market. I believe that Servo, Asia’s largest lubricant brand, will also be able to gain customers’ trust in Bangladesh,” said Hafizur Rahman Khan, chairman of Runner Group.

Runner Group

SERVO has many products of world standard including engine oils, gear oils, transmission oils and brake fluids to meet all kinds of lubricant demands.

SERVO is enriched with research and development of Indian Oil, holds 450 active patents including 270 international patents with footprints in 27 countries.

The company is affluent with a lot of experiences and business tactics of world investment that could help Runner in expanding its business in Bangladesh and overseas amid sharing of knowledge, he said.

The Servo brand’s market presence has reached across Africa, Southeast Asia, and West Asia.

Being the top lubricant brand in India and Nepal, Servo has a strong presence in other countries of South Asia.

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