PTT Performa SAE 20W 50 Offer


The marketer of PTT Lubricants, Belmoor Limited has designed a package under a campaign to inspire the retailers to uplift more 1-liter PTT Performa products in the lubricants shelf.

Each carton of 1-Liter PTT Performa SAE 20W 50 product is offering free one piece PTT Performa SAE 20W 50.

PTT Performa is a high-performance gasoline engine oil exceeding the highest quality standard of API SN.

This multi grade oil has specially formulated from high-quality unconventional base oil and high-performance additives to provide complete engine protection in all service conditions and protect engines when operating on gasoline or any ethanol-blended fuel up to E85.

PTT Performa provides better lubrication and engine wear protection under all operating conditions

It offers improved thermal stability and oxidation resistance and extends the oil drain intervals.

PTT Performa

It keeps engines cleaner and protects against deposits and sludge formation.

It extends the service period of the catalytic converter.

It is recommended for high-performance petrol engines including diesel engine such as a car, pickup, mini covered van etc.

It is recommended for use in all types of gasoline vehicles, new or old engines.

Recently, the marketer of PTT Lubricants is trying to make the brand popular once again in Bangladesh Market.

For this reason, Belmoor Limited has started following the regular marketing policy of the lubricant industry.

Along with the regular engagement practice, the communication team is trying to involve the modern generation through its Facebook activity, like the regular quiz program, live video program, and fun making activity.

The PTT communication team found organizing raffle draw program, mechanic meet, collaboration with lubricant oil businessman association, truck-van mechanic labor union as a part of engagement programs.

Apart from Performa 20W-50, Dynamic 20W 50, Dynamic Plus 20W 50, Dynamic Plus 15W-40, Challenger 10W 40  are among those PTT products got prominence to make them popular in lubricant oil shelf.

PTT Lubricants is a product of Thailand.

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