PTT Lubricants is escalating in Asia


Thailand’s PTT Lubricants has begun to enter Asian markets as part of a plan to expand overseas sales in areas such as Japan and India.

This month, the company began distribution of PTT automotive lubricants in Japan through its distributor Smooth Japan.

“Our plan for this market in the first phase is to try to raise brand awareness through targeted motorsports and modified car markets,” said the spokesman, who asked not to be identified.

“Especially this year, PTT is a main sponsor in the MotoGP event to be held in Thailand in October 2018,” he added, referring to the premier international motorcycle racing series.

“With such great brand exposure, we are confident in tapping into a new market such as the industrial market in Japan as well as emerging markets in other Asian countries including India and beyond.”

Future Plan

PTT Lubricants plans to market its industrial lubricants in Japan in the future. Smooth Japan set up a division this month dedicated to the marketing of all PTT lubricants and products.

Smooth Japan, a car maintenance service, and product company, said PTT should have appeal across many Asian markets because Thailand manufactures and exports large numbers of passenger cars and motorcycles.

PTT Lubricants’ parent company, PTT Public Co., discussed its strategy for the lubes business in November in statements accompanying the release of its third quarter financial results.

“We will expand sales of lubricants by focusing on markets in China and India by doing global sourcing, increasing manufacturing bases overseas and creating acceptance from various OEM manufacturers with high demands.”

PTT Lubricants are sold in 39 countries, and its industrial lubricants are used in hydraulic machines, turbines, spindle machines and others.

Lubricants Oil Market
Lubricants Oil Market

The engine oil market is one of the rising markets in Bangladesh. Now, many oil marketers are enjoying their lubricants business and more brands are entering this market. Also, it has found the least reporting or proper knowledge on quality lubricating oil. However, These findings are the main reason for lagging behind this oil market.

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