Omera Motorcycle Checkup Clinic to Brand 4T Oil


Regular motorcycle maintenance is a requisite for a healthy motorcycle. It helps bikers avoiding costly and unnecessary repairs, also ensures the potential safety issues.

The motorcycle manufacturer always advises the motorcycle riders to follow their own manufacturer’s manual as maintenance requirements.

But most of the riders ignore that maintenance manual and even they don’t have their own motorcycle maintenance checklist.

Most of the time riders, even the mechanic forgets to check and service related maintenance concerns.

Sometimes they skip this required maintenance due to a shortage of time. However, a proper maintenance service for motorcycles must require a maintenance checklist.

With an aim to make the Motorcycle riders aware of the regular maintenance, Omera Bangladesh had arranged a nationwide Motorcycle Checkup program in the year 2014.

Omera Bangladesh didn’t only provide bikers a free checkup but also carried out 5 programs under this initiative.

It ran this program at different corners of different cities and covered around 18 districts of the country.

A program ‘Omera Free Motorcycle Checkup Clinic 2014’ by nation’s the world class lubricant brand Omera has endowed the rider’s motorcycles a free servicing with the proficient mechanics.

Motorcycle riders performed the usual Zigzag test to testify his ability in riding. Many riders took participation in the seminar. The seminar has made riders aware of the regular maintenance and the necessity of use quality lubricants.

They also made the participants in an instant raffle draw to win various gift items.

Also, there were the special discount and scratch card on the spots where these activities had taken place. By getting registration from dedicated spots, the bikers participated in these programmes.

Under that goings-on sponsorship, it has endorsed Omera 4T oil among the bikers and engages them in this good initiative. It has two 4T oils in their product line up, one is 10W 30 Motor Oil and the other is 10W 40 motor oil.

The main objective was to make riders aware of a proper motorcycle maintenance service, and as a rider, one can inspect the tasks by own.

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