New Mono-grade Pack in Orient Lubricants


Orient HD 50 and Orient HD 40, another addition to the emerging brand ‘Orient’ is going to be distributed soon in the distributor points. According to an official of Oriental Oil Company Limited, this 20 Litre product will be launched very early in the February 2018.

This single grade product is very popular in rural market closely related to the agricultural-based economy. So, this new ad on to the Orient family can be categorized as a ‘Monograde Engine Oil’, which’s SAE grade are SAE 50 and SAE 40, also meets the requirements of API SD/CC.

This engine oil has developed for the monograde oil-based engines.

A feature has been described as it is a perfect blend of quality base oils and performance additives ensure long engine life and maximum performance. Its special additives reduce deposit formation to increase engine’s efficiency.

‘We always want to market those products which are really needed for the rural economy. Keeping these in mind, we will distribute this regular monograde product in our market,’ said that official

Orient Lubricants has an extensive product lineup with various pack size, also meets the odd need of the market like 0.6 Litre, 2 Litre, 3 Litre pack sizes.

Oriental Company Limited is the marketer of ‘Orient’ brand in Bangladesh.

It has a standing in lubricants market, also an authorized dealer of ‘Hindustan Petroleum’, ‘Veedol’, and the industrial segment of ‘Valvoline’.

It has started local manufacturing of HP Brand Lubricant in 2006.

With a competitive pricing and excellent quality of various grades of lubricants, it has managed to establish HP as a well-respected and recognized brand in Bangladesh.


Lubricants Oil Market
Lubricants Oil Market

Engine Oil Market

The engine oil market is rising rapidly in Bangladesh. Now, many oil marketers are enjoying their lubricants business and more brands are entering this market. However, the market analysis on this industry has outlined few observations in terms of business strategy. Also, it has found the least reporting or proper knowledge on quality lubricating oil. However, These findings are the main reason for lagging behind this oil market.

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