The myth of engine oil in Bangladesh


What the rest of the world calls engine oil, in Bangladesh, it’s known as Mobil. Goes to show which brand has been dominating the scene for decades. So what does it do? Apparently, most car owners, drivers and many service station personnel seem to think it keeps things slippery – similar to pouring a little coconut oil in a padlock to keep it from rusting. Nope.

What does engine oil really do? Simply put, it makes sure things stay cool and clean. Engine oil reduces friction between moving parts. Friction creates heat, heat creates things to reach temperatures high enough for engine internals to melt. It also contains cleaning agents that help to keep the insides free of sludge.

What’s sludge? As petrol burns, it leaves behind sticky, icky by-products known as sludge. This ends up lining the inside of engines causing clogs and corrosion as you race across Purbachal 300ft trying to impress virtually nobody. The latter part we suggest not to do.

Lubricants Oil Market
Lubricants Oil Market

How are we killing our cars? Using the wrong engine oil grade and not getting it changed at right intervals. Engine oil comes in various types and weights. And over time, it breaks down. More on that later.

Can we put in any oil? Different cars require different oils based on temperature and type of car. Most modern engines often require a lighter oil. An older, classic car requires thicker mineral oils. How do you know which is required? Simple. Google it. Look in the owner’s manual. And for the most popular car in Bangladesh, the Toyota Allion, it generally requires 5W-30 or 10W-30 oil. Not the 20W-50 most garages end up pouring. Use the right oil. Newer cars don’t like thicker oils.

For your general knowledge, automotive engine oil helps minimize friction and thus reduces the damage to automotive parts. Using engine oil provides several long-term benefits to the end-user, the reduced friction between automotive engine parts on account of using motor oil helps minimize wear & tears of the vehicle parts.

It also reduced the adverse impact accumulated dust has on engine parts. Apart from these benefits it also seals gaps and prevents corrosion.

The automotive engine oil market is segmented into four variants by technology. It is divided into premium conventional engine oil which is recommended for two or three wheelers and small cars. Fully synthetic engine oil which is suggested for high-tech cars as it provides the highest level of lubrication and engine protection.

However, synthetic blend engine oil is used for SUVs and heavy-duty vehicles on account of their added oxidation resistance and low-temperature properties.

And higher mileage engine oil is used for SUVs and heavy motor vehicles as it restores engine compression and reduces viscosity loss.

Engine oil utilized in the automotive industry differ by their viscosity index, the engine size, and volume. Certain additives are added to maintain and improve the engine oils viscosity index.

The engine oil market with additives added is segmented into dispersants, friction modifiers, anti-wear agents, pour point depressants, foam inhibitors, and antioxidants.

In Bangladesh, the automotive engine oil market growth is expected to be hampered by the increasing supply of counterfeit motor oil products. Engine oil manufacturers spend huge amounts on building their brand identity; this brand identity is in turn used by counterfeiters to sell fake products. The growing supply of counterfeit goods in the market hampers the brand image and the revenue of authentic engine oil manufacturers.

The automotive engine oil market should be governed by stringent rules and regulations concerned with the disposal of used oil. In Bangladesh, the used automotive engine oil market poses serious environmental threats due to the presence of petroleum base stocks that are toxic and difficult to dispose of after use.

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