Air Cooled Motorcycle Engine Cooling System


Usually, a motorcycle engine burns the fuel using air and produces power to derive the motorcycle on the road. Therefore, air and fuel mixture that compressed in the combustion chamber inside the motorcycle engine and then it burns and produces the power. That power drives the engine parts and finally delivered to the wheel and a motorcycle moves.

In the combustion process, the engine also generates a huge amount of temperature besides producing power. So, a standard temperature condition is required for the efficient combustion to operate the motorcycle engine. Also, the running engine produces excessive heat over the standard limit which is harmful to an engine. Therefore, the motorcycle engine cooling system works here to control the temperature within the standard limit cutting off the excess heat.

In general, there is two basic cooling system in a motorcycle engine cooling system. The air cooling and liquid cooling is very well known cooling feature for the motorcycle engine. Beside these cooling features, there is one more type of cooling system, and it is oil cooling system.

Motorcycle Engine Cooling System

Air cooling is very frequent and popular as a motorcycle engine cooling system. It is very simple in construction and very much cost effective. So lower capacity and simple construction motorcycle very widely use air cooling feature.

In the air-cooled engine, the engine construction is much uncomplicated in terms of cooling feature. Here, the hotter area of the engine remains faced on the way of high air flow line. Moreover, the hotter areas like the engine cylinder block and cylinder head constructed with thin metal fins. These metal fins carry the excess heat from the engine block and air flow cuts off the heat and makes them cool. This is how air-cooled engine temperature controlled by air.

Air Cooled Motorcycle Engine Features

Air cooled engine allows some additional features for a motorcycle. It allows light weight and low cost of the motorcycle. Air cooled engine needed no periodic maintenance for its cooling system. It’s the better solution for cold weather area where no need for anti-freeze treatment and cold start issue solved effort free.

However, air cooling system in motorcycle has some limitations. Mostly, the air-cooled engines are the single cylinder, low capacity, and low powered engine. It contains low rev, lower compression ratio characteristics. Higher compression ratio or high rev is possible here but cooling fins can increase engine size and weight.

You may found air-cooled V-twin engines are so heavy and big in size. Moreover, the air-cooled engine needed a frequent flow of air, so aerodynamic fairing avoided in air-cooled engine motorcycles.

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