Marketing Strategy of Veedol Bangladesh


Last three years, Veedol Bangladesh under the supervision of Marketer Oriental Oil Company Limited has tried to establish this ancient brand in the market.

As a marketer of Veedol Bangladesh, it has found more conservative rather than other marketers. However, It has emphasized on sales-driven market policies.

Market observation has found few marketing activities in the market, which is insignificant in number.

With an aim to brand Veedol Communication in Bangladesh market, the concept of ‘Professional Der Ashthay-Eksho Bochorer Oviggotay’ has developed to spread the history of 100-year old Veedol brand.

For the promotion of 20 Liter Veedol buckets, it had introduced “Free Gift Box” offer which contains toothpaste, tooth brush, mini washing powder, soap bar, and mini shampoo. This package has run several times in different quarters of the years.

This package has designed for Veedol Elite SAE 20W 50, Veedol HDC 50, and Veedol Avalon 68.

For Veedol Take-Off 4T, a special campaign ‘Engine’s Health Insurance’ has designed to emphasize on the requirements of new generation bike.

Oriental Oil Company Limited

This campaign on 4T engine oil includes regular market visit, motivating the garage mechanics, product showcasing, product engagement program, and various outdoor promotions.

Along with a more than a 100-year success of Veedol, it’s 4T oil aims to meet the Bangladeshi youth choice and the lifestyle of all motor bikers who live there revealed that advance in technology.

Veedol Bangladesh is continuing its campaign on ‘Veedol Take Off 4T’ under the banner of “Engine’s Health Insurance”.

As an upcoming package, “50 BDT Free Mobile Recharge” offer has designed for 20 Liter Bucket products from 1 September 2017 to 30 September 2017.

Veedol Bangladesh has found emphasizing more on sales-driven marketing strategy rather than activity-based campaigns.

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