Marketing Strategy of Caltex Bangladesh


Caltex is a worldwide noted lubricating oil brand.

In Bangladesh, Caltex under the supervision of Navana Petroleum Limited has made this brand popular in the lubricants shelf for the last decade.

Navana Petroleum Limited is the authorized distributor of Chevron Lubricants under the brand ‘Caltex’ in Bangladesh. It has started its operation since April 2006.

As a marketer of Caltex Bangladesh, it has found more strategic than others. However, it has emphasized on sales-driven marketing strategies.

Few significant marketing activities by Caltex Bangladesh found significant according to the observation.


For the consumers, Navana Petroleum Limited has introduced a package “Dhamaka Offer -2016” last year, this yearly package up to 25% Free Offer by Caltex was valid only for 2016.

This offer was to get 1 liter free can with the purchase of 4 Liter or 5 Liter Havoline Formula, Delo Gold Ultra and Havoline Motor Oil pack.

“Caltex Exclusive Retail Outlet Operation” is another distinctive outlet giving policy by the marketer to create the individual landmarks in the different corner of the country.

Those exclusive distributors under this policy had been appointed through a signed agreement.

Navana Petroleum Limited has arranged many mechanic seminars in their business clusters of it.

Beyond using Havoline® with Deposit Shield™ blueprint, it has also continued its 360-degree campaign for its regular marketing activities.

“Havoline Super 4T with a handkerchief in 2017” is another campaign by Navana Petroleum Limited to make it popular in the market.

A free handkerchief was given free to the consumers while purchasing each 10W-30, 20W-40, and 20W-50 product.

Navana Petroleum Limited has given support the biker by changing their 4T oils as a part of this campaign emphasizing the Faridpur, Barisal, Jessore, Khulna regions.

Currently, an offer is going to win one free T-shirt with Each Carton Havoline Super 4T for the exclusive distributors.

Another offer by Caltex Bangladesh is going on to give the opportunity to win a scratch card with each 4 Litre Havoline Motor Oil pack.

Consumers will win must gift like T-shirt, Mug, K-ring with 4 Litre Havoline Motor Oil.

Recently, Navana Petroleum Limited has introduced Delo® Gold Ultra SAE 15W 40 in Bangladesh Market.

Chevron products are highly recognized as the high-end quality products in the market.

Through vast retail channel and direct marketing effort, Chevron Caltex is a very popular name in the lubricant market.

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