Integrated Green Communications: A Shared Concept


Integrated Green Communications is a concept on with Towards Biz do believe in. A few observations have made them embrace this concept to success their green movements.

In Bangladesh, Sustainable Business couldn’t meet the global growth for the lack of green concepts among people. A few industries are found receiving green infrastructure to bag more buyers, but the overall Industries need a proper introduction to green understanding.

Like other countries, Bangladesh has started their journey towards Green earlier, especially after the tragedies in RMG sector. As ‘a need for stand back’, it helped more than 200 textile entities with sustainable technology transfer, still more to the way forward.

We need to believe in ‘Innovation’ and ‘Development’. To our understanding, ‘Innovation’ means using any technology in a sustainable manner, and ‘Development’ is keeping ahead of business transformation

Bangladesh has become the next business destination in the world because of its various industries, Like Power & Energy, Building & Construction, Garments & Textile, Plastic, Pharmaceuticals, and Leather and more.

The government, ministry,  various think tanks, regulator, associations are emphasizing on different green pillars, like sustainability, environmental protection, green building materials, energy saving, green financing, and safety.

But the lack of an integrated policy, the overall success still lagging behind from our ultimate growth.

More dialogues on Innovation & Development between Government-2-Government and Government-2-Commercial may find out what’s new and what is working. It may open door to new opportunities with the presence each stakeholder.

A close cooperation among each National and International cartel groups, trade bodies, government officials, policy makers, regulators may build a national consensus on Green movement.

Together with each concern, Towards Biz aims to successfully run its green movement to find out our new sustainable abstracts for Bangladesh.

Towards Biz is happy to share the concept ‘Integrated Green Communications’ with an active participation of the policy makers and other stakeholders. With this objective, it has already created a shared platform to get the biz news in Bangladesh.

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