Inovo™ in Bangladesh


If you paid a visit to a lube market, the shelves might show you 5-litre lubricants oil branded as InovoTM imported from Malaysia.

InovoTM is a USA technology used lubricant brand, developed by several key professionals in the lubricant and additives industry, which has over 100 years of combined market experience.

It is focused on developing and supplying high-quality lubricants. It is committed to being customer and technology driven, building the business around relationships and solutions.

InovoTM always produces and market a boutique selection of high-quality lubricants and specialty fluids for the industrial and commercial market.

It envisions delivering world-class performance, to be the partner of choice with the commitment to safely provide lubricants to our customers. It also aims to deliver Innovative Fluid Solutions.

InovoTM Lubricants are a high-quality lubricant manufactured using highly refined base oils and premium grade specially selected additives.

InovoTM Lubricants are formulated to meet and exceed the latest OEM requirements, and are manufactured at a modern, ISO 9001: 2008 certified lubricant blending plant with technology from the USA.

InovoTM Lyra and Inovo™ Prime are being shelved as it has a prospective market in Bangladesh.

InovoTM Lyra is an advanced performance engine oils to provide the robust protection of highly loaded engine parts operating under boundary lubrication.

It meets the API SN/CF performance and exceeds the requirements of the industry and OEM specifications required by modern gasoline and diesel power automobile engines.

It is recommended for all types of modern four-stroke gasoline engines used in passenger cars, SUV, light trucks, and vans. It is suitable for passenger and commercial vehicles operating in a hot climate or with high loads. It is suitable for engines requiring an API SN, SM, SL or SJ and CF oils

InovoTM Prime is blended from high-quality base oils and a balance of additives to meet API CF/SF requirements. It is applicable for Mixed fleets of both diesel and gasoline Engines.

Heavy equipment used in mining, construction, and quarry Off-highway diesel earth clearing machinery can also use it. It is also suitable for on-highway diesel light and heavy trucks and buses. It is also recommended for diesel engine fishing boats, riverboats, ferries, and agriculture tractors.

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