India-developed Total Hi-Perf Series Soon


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Very soon, World’s 4th-ranked international oil and gas player Total Oil is going to launch an India-developed and manufactured motorcycle lubricant in the country.

The new lubricant, ‘Hi-Perf’ series, has been advanced at the company’s Technical Centre for Asia-Pacific (TCAP) in Mahape, Navi Mumbai.

The lubricant is expected to be launched later this year.

Technical Centre for Asia-Pacific in India is one of only two such facilities the company has in the world, the other being in France.

Total Oil India Pvt. Limited aims to increase the advancement from such facility in next 5 years.

In terms of the research and development, TCAP MD Franck Eydoux said, “Currently the facility carries out around 20 percent of the company’s total research into lubricants, fuels, fuel additives, and special fluids (solvents).”

This includes the development of lubricants using local components, developing new customized formulations, and improving the performance of existing lubricants.

“We will increase the output to 25 percent in the next five years. We have a team of 30 researchers at the moment, which we will increase to 60 over the same period,”

Total’s technical centre in France has a strength of 220 researchers now.

Eydoux didn’t reveal details about Total’s new motorcycle lubricant meant for Indian motorcycles.

“It is one of the 30-odd base formulations developed at the Navi Mumbai TCAP since it began in 2012.” he added.

Eydoux said that being strategically placed to cater to all of the local needs in the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East as well as due to lower costs here, the facility was planned in India over the other options including China and South Korea.

The Technical Centre for Asia-Pacific is located on the same campus as Total’s manufacturing facility, which is functional since 2002.

The company’s revenue comes from three major streams, 50 percent of which comes from oil drilling, 30 to 35 percent from the automotive sector, and others including textile sector comprise the remaining 15 to 20 percent.

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