HNS Automobile, SK Lubricants Deals to Market ‘ZIC’ in Bangladesh


HNS Automobiles is now supplying this ‘ZIC’ product in the local market of Bangladesh.

A press release on June 26 says SK Lubricants are now available in Bangladesh. It has described as that the world-renowned SK Lubricants will now be available in Bangladesh.

An agreement has been signed between SK Lubricants and HNS Automobiles on June 15 at the corporate office of HNS group.

Park Moon Seek, Managing Director of the South Asian region of SK Lubricants and MD. Shahidul Islam, Chairman of HNS Group has signed the agreement.

Sales Manager of the South Asian region of SK Lubricants and other high officials of HNS group were also present at the signing ceremony.

‘ZIC’ will be imported directly from South Korea to Bangladesh.

HNS has started its journey as a trading house in 1991 and gradually kept its consistent growth in Bangladesh market.

HNS started importing and selling cars from Japan and progressively became the market leader in this sector since 1996.

‘ZIC’ is a well-known lubricant brand from South Korea-based SK Corporation and has been nominated as the No.1 engine oil for 17 consecutive years in Korea.

SK Lubricants is the producer of a base oil called “YUBASE” that is Number 1 globally in the premium base oil market.

High-quality ‘ZIC’ lubricants formulated with YUBASE are used as factory fill in vehicles produced by the global manufacturer.

‘ZIC’ was selected as the best lubricants in Russia in a test conducted by Za Rulem.

SK Lubricants has a many established partnerships with Hyundai, Kia Motors, General Motors, Renault Samsung and many others.

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