Heat Activated Technology by Lupromax Oil


Lupromax is a brand, just explored the Indonesian oil market in 2014. Lupromax Oil has come up with a breakthrough, the Heat Activated Technology (HAT) to enliven the competition in the oil market.

“HAT is a technology that became the antithetical oil technology so far, thereby altering the heat that has been causing losses actually brings the benefits of the oil,” said Prijono Herlambang, director of sales distribution Lupromax.

“About optimism into the already crowded market, we have technology Heat Activated Technology. So far it’s always the feared oil it’s hot. If the engine is hot, that means the friction is getting bigger and makes the lubrication effect decrease. Well if the HAT is getting hot even more terrible”

Heat Activated Technology

It is increasingly confident to compete in the market because the only Lupromax as the only oil that carries HAT technology. There has been no similar product that applies HAT technology to oil.

Lupromax hasn’t set sales targets that are too high for its products, meanwhile, it just wants its oil products distributed equally and known by the people of Indonesia.

The entrance of Lupromax Oil was in 2014, but there are other products that exist in Indonesia since three years ago that is engine additive. From the very beginning of this landmark, Lupromax aimed to make this product and make the oil must exist in 33 provinces.

Up to now, many products have been launched by Lupromax, namely Lupromax Engine Additive, Diesel Fuel Treatment, Accelerator, Chain Lube, Racing Fuel, Engine Flush, X5 Super Penetrant Oil, GR Super Liquid Grease, Carb + Injection Cleaner.

Lupromax lubricants contain only pure petroleum and petroleum additives and perform without the negatives associated with solid particle additives.

Lupromax blends easily with other lubricants and is most useful at a 15% mix.

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