German Mirror launches its premium range of lubricants in India


UAE based German Mirror Lubricants and Greases is a premium manufacturer of lubricants. The company has been catering to the needs of the engine, gear, and transmission lubrication requirements of automotive, industrial, and marine industries for 17 years now.

The company recently announced its foray into the Indian market with the premium range of Mirr Oils that will be distributed by A N Corp that is a part of RS Jhaveri Group.

It launched the ‘Mirr Oils’ — its innovative range of lubricants catering to needs of automotive, marine and industrial applications on December 2017.

The lubricant manufacturer has already announced that it plans to cover west, south and east regions which include eight states such as Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Odisha.

This will be then followed by addition of eight more states by June 2018.

In addition to its existing range, German Mirror Lubricants will add gear oils, specialty fluids, passenger car motor oil, gasoline engine oils and heavy duty diesel engine oil. The company mentions that all products are made from 100 percent virgin premium bases oils and additives.

“India is the third largest market in the world after China and USA with six percent global market share. In addition, India has the potential to be in top two as the domestic lubricant market has grown by 13 percent vis-à- vis 2013 in spite of the global slowdown in the last couple of years.” commented, Mohammed Hussein Hindi, managing director, German Mirror Lubricants and Greases.

“Our vision is to deliver world-class products across all industries. We aim to be the partner of choice by supplying innovative products. We are also evaluating market conditions to set up lubricant oil blending plant in near future. The strategy is to acquire 0.5 percent market share of 2.3 million metric tonnes by end of March 2019,” he added.

Aniket Jhaveri, chief executive of A N Corp, added, “With the latest technology from Mirr Oils and our expertise in this industry, our alliance can achieve great volumes of business.”

The company aims to develop its products taking into consideration few of the many parameters that include latest technologies, extreme operating conditions, constant emerging environmental regulations and modern engines.

The Indian lubricant business will reach 2.3 million metric tons by the end of March 2019 and German Mirror plans to have a 0.5 percent market share of it. The company already has a global presence on five continents and more than seventy countries.

It also has an OEM approval from popular automobile manufacturers like Porsche, Daimler, Volvo, Cummins, Volkswagen, MAN. After attaining a sizeable scale in distribution, the company is evaluating market conditions to set up a lubricant oil blending plant in near future.

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