FUCHS: Solutions from The World’s Largest Independent Lubricant Manufacturer


Fuchs is a global group since 1931 with German roots that had already developed, produced, and sold lubricants and related specialties for more than 85 years.

About 60 companies and almost 5,000 employees worldwide had made Fuchs a leading independent supplier of lubricants.

It has more than 100,000 customers from various industries like automotive suppliers, OEM, mining and exploration, metalworking, agriculture and forestry, aerospace, power generation, mechanical engineering, construction and transport, steel, metal, and cement industries, food, glass production, casting, forging industry and many others.

Thus Fuchs has developed holistic, innovative and custom-made solutions for the most diverse applications.

As a lubricant manufacturer, Fuchs stands for performance and sustainability, safety, reliability, efficiency and cost savings. It represents a promise: technology that pays back.

Across the UK, a team of more than 300 specialists is working to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

In its technology center, Fuchs links interdisciplinary expertise in a quick and efficient way – and work on innovative lubricant solutions to meet the demands of today and tomorrow every single day.

It has already acquired ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, AS 9100, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, OHSAS 18001.

The Fuchs product program comprises more than 10,000 products and related services in six key categories.

Fuchs is one of the leading automotive lubricant manufacturers for the initial filling of passenger cars, trucks and agricultural or construction machines. With a comprehensive range of lubricants for all automotive applications and the XTL® technology that is unique worldwide, Fuchs truly sets new standards.

Fuchs industrial lubricants can make a significant contribution to improving productivity and efficiency as well as reducing energy consumption, for example in hydraulic systems, gear units, and many other applications.

Lubricating greases are consistent lubricants made up of base oil and a specially chosen thickener.

Fuchs not only boasts an excellent range of highly effective lubricants but also possesses the process expertise needed to ideally meet the specific requirements in the field of metalworking.

FUCHS LUBRITECH is the expert for Special Application Lubricants more than 60 years, which is concentrated on the development, production, and distribution of trendsetting high-performance lubricants and release agents for the most demanding applications.

On the basis of its many years of process expertise, it offers modular services in the field of lubricant management (CPM) that span all the way up to take over the customer’s complete lubricant management process.

Fuchs is able to provide customers with unparalleled products and services through focused engineering, administrative and technical support.

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