An Extension to Highest Taxpayers List

The cabinet has already approved the draft of the ‘National Tax Card Policy 2010 (Amendment)’ by increasing the number of the national tax card holders as 125 in place of 20. The cabinet gave the finance minister the authority to raise the number of national tax cards, if necessary, after consultation with the NBR in this regard.

The national tax card is an honour bestowed upon individuals and organisations who file for the largest amounts of taxable income. The holders are awarded a crest and card that marks them out as the highest source of tax revenue in the country.

A regular cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave the approval at the Secretariat on 30th October afternoon.

Earlier, only 10 persons and 10 organisations received the tax card. From now, this amendment allows a total of 125 individuals and organisations to be eligible for the tax card. Of them, 64 individuals, 50 organisations and 11 other entities will receive the tax card.

The national card holders will be nominated under the policy for the highest tax payers. The selected cardholders will receive five special facilities like an invitation to attend any national programmes, allow to use VIP lounge of airport and priority to book the star hotel.

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