Electricity Conserving Social Movement by Scouts

According to State Minister Nasrul Hamid for Power, Energy, and Mineral Resources, ‘Scouts would be encouraged to be efficient using electricity, and this practice will make this social movement more dynamic.’

There are Fifteen lakhs Scouts of our country may contribute to the collective voice of this social consciousness.

As the chief guest at the occasion of the opening ceremony of the ‘5th National Power and Energy Camp 2016’, the honorable state minister has inaugurated a two-day TOT (Training of Trainer) Course in Electricity Building.

He proposed that, Scouts can cooperate with the survey, how to make people aware of the efficient use of electricity and fuel, also to get the public expectation about power and energy, even to run the campaign. The ministry will provide all required logistics supports.

By saving costs from the ‘Power and Energy Week 2016’, solar power and solar home systems will be provided in the off-grid area.

The minister said the Scouts will help us to determine those areas and buildings. In the ‘ Power and Energy Week 2016’, from the scouts, the ‘Best Motivator’ award will be provided in different categories.

To develop energy-saving awareness at all levels of society, Scouts, and Rover Scouts have been getting this training program under this camp since 2012.

This year, 360 scouts from central level and 840 scouts from regional level will be given the opportunity to participate in the TOT training course. With the collaboration of Bangladesh Scouts and Rover Scouts, the Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry will run the ‘5th national Power and Energy Camp 2016’ throughout the country by 20 – 23 December 2016.

Among others, Power Cell Director General Mohammad Hossain, Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister’s Office and the President of Bangladesh Scouts Md Abul Kalam Azad and Chief National Commissioner of Bangladesh Scouts and Senior Secretary of the Home Ministry Dr. Mohammad Haque Khan were also present.

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