BDTDC Charges Half of Alibaba is Charging Now

A newly entrepreneurial venture, BDTDC has already taken off, eyeing to rake in business well over $300 million for Bangladeshi manufacturers within a year. Kazi Ahmed, owner of the world’s first patented markers for making perfect rainbows without gaps between colors has set off the Bangladesh Trade Development Council (BDTDC). It is an online marketplace company.

Jack Ma’s Alibaba

This B2B service, similar to Chinese billionaire Jack Ma’s Alibaba, aims to create quite a stir among manufacturers, mostly struggling to connect with the right buyers abroad. As e-commerce by netizens, this B2B facilitates an exchange of products, services or information between businesses, rather than between businesses and consumers.

Membership will be free for all, but like all other B2B services paid members will get the priority. The BDTDC will charge half of what Alibaba is charging now. Very early on this platform, five main products are getting priority- garment, footwear, frozen food, software and indigenous handicrafts.

About a dozen e-business firms are already active in Bangladesh. Even the Jack Ma’s. Alibaba, which presently serves around 430 million annually, declares to capture the Bangladesh market. With $34 billion already in his pocket, the Chinese tycoon plans to serve 2 billion consumers around the world, empower 10 million profitable businesses and create 100 million jobs in 20 years.

Pioneer of BDTDC

Pioneer of BDTDC, Kazi Ahmed is hopeful, whether Businesses in Bangladesh can count on the track record of doing business abroad for decades. Speaking to his first venture in Bangladesh, It is going to open up jobs for at least 200 IT graduates initially.

Buyers will be able to connect with suppliers of their choices directly on his BDTDC platform, negotiate price and then get going with the business. BDTDC will, however, screen both suppliers and customers before having them enlisted in the marketplace in order to cut down business risk.

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