Armor Lubricants Manufacturing


Armor is one of breeding lubricants oil brand in UAE advanced with extensive blending facilities.

It’s now selling its lubricants oil to 18 overseas countries to secure a global fame after its name.

Armor Lubricants continuously strives to offer the top-notch quality products and services to assure its customers.

It is willing to work for various customers to meet their local needs building strong and long-lasting relationships.

Armor Lubricants offers its customers a wide variety of industrial and automotive lubricants validated in practice.

Innovation through research and development is one of the hallmarks of the Armor Brand.

From the beginning, Armor Lubricants has utilized the most advanced formulations and state of the art technology, and keep trying to keep that consistency in product lineups which are always tested and proven both in laboratory and field.

Its products are guaranteed to perform as per the specifications of API, SAE, MIL, European and Japanese manufacturers.

The standards followed during the manufacturing process and the laboratory checks made on all the products before they leave the blending plant.

Eco-friendly product is a priority at Armor Lubricants. An expert team has addressed the ecological aspects and measured the safety and sustainability issues.

Armor excels in a range of services that include blending, packaging, terminal, warehousing, and distribution.

Emphasizing on ‘Development’ and ‘Competitive Market’, Armor’s focus has now shifted from ‘Research and Development’ to ‘Research, Development & Deployment’.

Armor specialists have used their expertise to develop formulations, refining raw materials into further new products.

The dedicated chemists, physicists, engineers, tribologists, testing and application engineers, analysts and production experts are working together to provide extraordinary results in lubrications.

Armor Lubricants sells or delivers directly to customers applying worldwide compliance management in the fields of environmental, chemical, customs, import and export laws.

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