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(Last Updated On: 02/20/2018)


Who is this Zulker Naeen? Yes, we are talking about a communication practitioner based in Bangladesh. A brief description of his growing career may help you to understand a better.

Zulker Naeen is a communication graduate, started his career in late 2012 during his graduate program in Media Studies and Journalism. He completed his graduation from University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh.

Very early in his studentship, he has earned the working experiences at audiovisual houses, boutique advertising agency, and various youth platforms.

After graduation, he started his career as a Copywriter. Later he shifted his career as a Market Researcher at a lubricants oil company.

There, as an individual player, he started developing his expertise as a ‘Market Researcher’ as well as ‘Copywriter cum Graphic Designer’.

He has developed various marketing campaigns on four lubricants oil brands, like Hindustan Petroleum, Veedol™, Valvoline®, and Orient.

He also had conceptualized ‘Bangladesh Infrastructure Innovation and Development 2017’ for a noted exhibition firm based in Dhaka.

In 2016, he successfully initiated ‘Towards Biz’, a shared platform on Bangladesh Lubricants Oil Market. Now it is the only news platform which represents the lubricants oil industry.

Now he is playing the role of Editor in this shared platform ‘Towards Biz’.

In 2017, he has successfully completed his working paper ‘A Discourse on CSR and Cause Branding: A Business Case of Bangladeshi Telcos’.

Recently, in 2017, he has enriched his career as a climate change journalist. Now he is a South Asia Fellow at Climate Tracker.

As a freelance journalist, he used to write on climate change issues in various national and international media platforms. He has already awarded few online fellowship offered by Climate Tracker.

However, an array of experience may inspire to find him as a Copywriter, Graphic Designer, Market Researcher, Lubricants Oil Campaigner, Strategic Planner, Communication Adviser, Climate Change Journalist and much more.

Lubricants Oil Market
Lubricants Oil Market
Towards Biz


Towards Biz is one of the dedicated news agency focused on Bangladesh Lubricants Oil Market.

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