A history of excellence: Valvoline & its quick lubes

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Every engine needs lubrication and during the development of the first petrol-powered automobile, dubbed a “horseless carriage” and consequent development work by Henry Ford, it became clear that an automobile would require specifically designed lubricants.

Dr John Ellis saw that crude oil wouldn’t work for the demands of combustion engines and by 1866, when those engines were in development, he had created the first automobile specific lubricant. By 1920. When the first mass-produced Model T left the factory, every unit was filled with Valvoline motor oil.

Valvoline has gone on to improve automotive oils and lubricants for the last 100 years. It has been notably used as a preferred lubricant in vehicles through several important historic events including WWII allied military vehicles, the post-war boom which increased the number of cars on the road and the development of lubricants to meet specific needs.

Valvoline has been ahead of the curve with responses to customer’s needs in both racing and for the “regular guy.” Whether it has been a need for all-temperature oils, high-performance oils, synthetics or NexGen oil which is made of 50% re-refined oil, responding to both decreasing oil supply and the need for conservation. At every turn, Valvoline has used advanced technology to share those developments with customers.

Valvoline hasn’t just been in the lubricant product market either. Valvoline Instant Oil Change opened the first store in 1985 to respond to demand a “do-it-for-me” service and in 2007, the 500th VIOC store was opened.

Innovations brought by Valvoline

Valvoline has been on the track since racing of automobiles started and has been working with the engineers, drivers and racing teams to develop products which increase performance and withstand the high demands placed on those racing engines. Valvoline incorporates all those lessons into the consumer products that made the Valvoline name synonymous with automobile lubrication.

What makes Valvoline products different is that we don’t start with crude oil and refine it ourselves. Instead, we put those resources and time into searching the market for the best oil bases, making us one step ahead of our competitors. Valvoline is the only motor oil company that passes all 5 gasoline tests for API and ILSAC and we can do that because our development labs include testing facilities which allow greater freedom and flexibility in innovation.

Why Valvoline is Different

What makes Valvoline different as a company is our history and company culture. Our history speaks for itself as Valvoline is the most recognized brand name in automotive lubrication with a customer loyalty that is second to none. A big part of that loyalty also comes from the fact that Valvoline puts the needs of the customer first. From great products to great service in the quick lube and auto maintenance market – Valvoline has a history of excellence.

Valvoline is a leading worldwide producer and distributor of premium-branded automotive, commercial and industrial lubricants, and automotive chemicals.

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